I’ve traveled the world…
…yet nowhere have I seen the concentration of nature, beauty and talent that exists in this country. 

That’s why my products for fashion, garden and home, inspired by flora all over the world, proudly bear the stamp of Made in Lebanon. For me, it is proof of real quality.

So the metal flowerpots are made using traditional methods in Byblos, and the soaps are made as they always have been, in Tripoli. In Byblos, Maya Husseiny works glass into soap dishes and candle holders, while the Outayeks, a historic boot making family, work the leather for my bags and maroquinerie.


Nadine Abou creates pottery for the garden range, and leading Lebanese designers are constantly collaborating with local artisans to add wonderful creations to the collection.

And while the scents for my fragrances are collected directly from Grasse, they are combined and composed by Ludmila Bitar’s IDEO Parfums in Beirut.

I’ve brought together all of these Lebanese designers, craftsmen and perfumers to create a heartwarming line of products for fashion, garden and home that expresses all the warmth, poetry and skill of their country.

So while it’s my name on the label, the talent belongs to Lebanon.

Inspired by the world. Made in Lebanon.